Tuesday, November 23, 2010

hey.(;this is will be my last goin to kb.and yes,of crse i'll be missing kk,family and friends.(:i'll be back later you all chikas!

p/s : just text me,anyone?=)

here we are=)

i know you like reading my blog..kan3?okay,update la ne.

do you remember,when we on the played a guitar..and i keep asking for you to play the guitar even lagu sma sjaa said you loved to see me smile with my teeth on.showmell.=3and yes,dont you see this im serious into this.i call you patrick pasal kaw budu2 mcm c patrick kann,do you y know?cause everytime we OTP,i keep laughing kann.lucuu ba kaw.hahaha.even my friends ndak ksah about us,and they even dnt know
we're sweet like what?they have they own life.dwrank ckp patrick jark kaw.berlaaa,i just wanna tell them im too happy with you.thats all.(:i told you rain was hots,ada sixpack.kaw punn ndkmw kalaaa.=p and this is terbalik suda..spatutnyaaa im the one who suppose to wake you up,tpy ini kaw yg kc bgn every morning.and yes,theres one thing yg jarang aku jmpa dgn lelaki2 lain.kaw jarang mara aku.ada punn satu khaly sja.haha.isnt this weird.but good then.(:

p/s:part two.ngehh!

Monday, November 22, 2010


as you see the title,and yes,he's my hero.the sweetest thing in my life is,can you see this? in love with you.did you remember 17 july 2010?the day you accept my request..from wall post to chatting,from chatting to a SWEETEST relationship.(you grab me faster bebeyh.!)than a hundred texts,calling for hours to are the one who makes me laugh,when you know im about to cry..four month  7 days,we're still new kann..but its take a minutes for me into your you remember,when you said."sweetie,baby happy"..."aaaa?knpa?,memangla ba happy"....'pasal baby ndak prnh happy bgny until i met you"..* made me special.the sweetest thing is,you keep telling me that you love me.:)i get to know you,you wont eat sayur,bawang,ketam,udang(except sweet and sour prawn),belacan pun ndk mkn.and i was like."apaaaaa?punyalaaaaaa"hahaah...memilih kann?i know your favourite food,burger mcD.

 p/s :btw,this is the part one i think.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

nyway,my mom told tht i'll be at kmpung tomorrow or on tuesday.xcited!yihaaa.:)i'll upload the snapshots back from kampung kay..bye love.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

i just woke up.hmm,thn i realized the pooh is in my hugs.sepa lgy bgy aku patunk pagy2 ne?thn i bro got it from the game machine.hmm.yesterday,were conferencing with tasya before her flight to staring to miss her.=(arrived there,she text me.=)its friday...apa mw buwat ne ary aaa.?borink.k la chaw2.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

heythere=D. im doing good here,spending time at home listening to music,snapshots,calling,texting,facebooking and blogging.well,its my routine..its holly,soon i'll goin to you guys know,i'll be the pengapit fr my cousins wedding.xcited enough here..wht else aaa,oo yeah,as you see.its khal and me..haha.arent we sweet?but this lately,jarank suda betext.mybe she's bz with dwrank kimmy,fara and tian.its okay,im just texting with tasya n bibie n ofcrse aqib..dwrank la rajin text akuu.thanks loves=)i got my result,num four?erh,means nothing to me actually..nyway,its the end of the year..2011 is coming..and we'll struggle fr pmr..nerv!okayy.back to facebook..hee.they ask me to create a twitter acc..i dont think soo..mlas ne,nanty ndk terupdate blog akuu.haha.

p/s : i sayangs u semuaaaa.happy holly.jn lupa akuu aa.=)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

i think imma shoeholic.

*listening to katy perry-last friday night.(thanks farahain eva fr suggesting this song=))

yesterday,i went to time.=3 ngaw!buying leopard print heels,baju kurung for my cousins wedding,legging and vintages panties..haha.girls stuff mission,buying leopard print clothes..cnt wait..chaos!=D

Thursday, November 11, 2010


finally excel is over,I'LL B MISS-ING 2B=)THEY'RE THE BEST I'VE EVER MET.=)2 days til holly.=(

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


*just studying science and doing notes..

hello :)
hws ur days?im totally fine with my awesome girls..geography papar is killing me.thumbs down,huumph..its the last day of excel.yihaaaaaa!and yes,bpa aku balik suda dari sandakann.1 bulan kjp jark aku rasa.dya beli bb okayy..suwma la ba bb,abg bob pun bb jugak.haihh..thn i asked daddy to buy me a new phone,guess wht,i got nokia X3.ngee=)with 3.2 mp..SNAPSHOTS! :) thanks daddy.

p/s : thanks to khal and bibie and ila fr gving me a present.its cute okay,

Sunday, November 7, 2010

i wake up early to revise agama islam..hmm=).kinda nerv fr paper esp math this week,STRUGGLE..cpt2 la abs exel..=)

layout saya comel kann,c patrick.and yes,dear readers.its aqib picture.i called him patrick cause dya budubudu.
pens kta ngam sma ku,psl aku pun gyla2.:)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

third day of excel..flu and cough attacking me.huumph.=(god,help me on ict paper ltr?=)

forsureitssnappy =D

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

isnt this cute?esp the blue/white one.=)

 its excel=)goinn well for us .we got ps 1 and 2..aplogizing to haizie for wht i've done.for sure its my fault.thanks god=)fr now,im focusing on my excel and busy revising.well,pray for me.i gtg..bye2=)

p/s ; guwd luck hafe.=)