Thursday, December 30, 2010

the last day of 2010.:)thanks god for making me alive.alhamdulillah.:)

Sunday, December 26, 2010


happy 22nd birthday hayley williams.i just love and love and love you more and more!stay gorgeous and keep rawkin' \m/'re preetaayy amazing!

he ate my heart:)

Aqib Othman December 26 at 5:23pm Report
oi oi :D
Hafezatul Hanis December 26 at 5:25pm
Aqib Othman December 26 at 5:25pm Report
yaww :DD .
Hafezatul Hanis December 26 at 5:34pm
whats up bro?*wink
Aqib Othman December 26 at 5:37pm Report
im fine.hw bt u sista?
Hafezatul Hanis December 26 at 5:39pm
hahah!nahh!gt some flu here and it is so annoying.
Aqib Othman December 26 at 5:39pm Report
dude.relaks.its gonna be fine :D .wkakakakak!
Hafezatul Hanis December 26 at 5:42pm
yeah i know shorty!,whtca doin?
Aqib Othman December 26 at 5:43pm Report
who the hell is shorty?ahahah!nothing.just trying to catch your heart *wink*
Hafezatul Hanis December 26 at 5:44pm
you la ba guy! cute but i better kick ur ass!hahah!
Aqib Othman December 26 at 5:45pm Report not SHORT ba.maybe u're the one shorty.haha!aww..really?ee.whatever :p
Hafezatul Hanis December 26 at 5:49pm
whatever la!you're my shorty kan3?okay,jgn kembang.
Aqib Othman December 26 at 5:51pm Report
ahahaha.yep!and im your guy :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010


yeah.i just got back from buying the school stuffs.pusing kk seja.penat aku,haha!tapi best ba.first,pg alamesra,eat at the sinario restaurent and i order the chicken mayo and mango juice.sgt sedap okay.then pg jakel beli tudung sales maa.but it tooks a long time cause my dad punn beli the italian silk clothes.haihh.bangas aku menunggu.then he send us to cp,buying shoes,reload,makeups,went to kaison search patung yg sma mcm dwrang bibie bagi tapi tedaa.hmmph.i miss my lost fufu :( and school plain bag in brown.and i love it!i use my own money okay:)on my way,i bought the sunglass.even its not ori.haha!tapi aku suka baa,mau buat cmna jgk,aku grab seja.haha.and then,my mom and i went to pizzahut since we're soo thirsty.heee.we order the new cheese pizza but unfortanetly,ndak sedap nee.haihh.bgus lagi hawaiian tuna.went to millimewa buying books and stationery since the book store which i used to go were closed cause of christmas eve.lpas tu,pulangg..oh yea,beli sayap ayam lagi.haha.for the conclusion,aku sangat2 penat.:)

Friday, December 24, 2010

merry christmas:)oh,i just miss my old friends cause i used to celebrate the christmas eve with them:)

[M/V] T.O.P - Turn It Up [HD]


Thursday, December 23, 2010

i love you,remember that:) -

hey:)hari ne awal kann sya bangun.yeah,i know pkul 11 suda but atleast ndakla aku bgn jm 1,my mum bilang i'll buying my school stuff on christmas.haha.yala2..orang christmas aku pgi shopping.haha!
in 2011,i wanna be happy.PLEASE BE NICE TO ME.okay?:)thanks god.ILOVEYOU:)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

my guys :o

taecyon!you're sooo damn hot.


can i have them?:D

kendall jenner

i want that shoes:)
she's just fourteen and soooo gorgeous for her age.i adore you :)
she gonna kiss a lot of butts!\m/

Monday, December 20, 2010

taylor lautner:)

i fall for him after watching the twilight saga new moon yesterday.woah!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pixie Lott - 'Use Somebody' ( Kings Of Leon Acoustic Cover)

20 december 2010:)
yeah,i know i should sleep right now.blame nescafe:).if aqib tau matila kna mara cause he said if gt anythg just text him mw kcw dya sure this morning ngantuk gila and gt lots of text from aqib.and yes,bgn tgahari lagy.haha.i think this is my routein.what?i guess,every teenagers punn ba.i just watching the ragging phoenix on ABO.kinda love action movies now.weee!apa mw buwat lagy ne?hmm..facebook?boring!thanks blog for being here with me:)oh yeah,school's stuff?blumm beli we plan,plain bag fr all of us,itupunn klw kmu dpt cari.idk la!kin bngung jark.holly mw abs suda.BORING!fr sure next year study mcm org gla..less text with aqib la ne.mentang2 bpa kau lecturer,tegas btul ba.but its okay,we'll have the same situation.haha.btw,i miss my stepsbrother.hmmph.he didnt text me plus he'll goin to U later.cant met him fr 1 years.haihh,.i miss our moments:)but dnt wrry,kakak ika will jga you.haha.i wanna shop so badly.oh santa,all i wanted is vans and hoodies:)

shia and foxie:)

hot to the top

they looks amazing togethe.

Rain λΉ„ - Love Story MV English Version (With Eng Subs)

one of my fav video clips.if i were that girl.he's my hero.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Justin Bieber - U Smile

Hayley Williams - Bad romance (COVER)

her voice was perfect!

Far East Movement - I Party (OFFICIAL)

i love this:)uulala!

Far East Movement- Rocketeer (ft. Ryan Tedder) with lyrics

my superduper HOOT guys!

t.o.p is so hot!




i love your hair colour

high high mv
T.O.P and G-dragon of big bang.
this few days,i keep listening to high high song.
yes,im one of the korean fans.
im addicted to k-pop:)


okay.first week at kampung was so damn bored,3 weeks to before the wedding..mcm mw pulang kk cpt2 jark,i miss facebook and blog.haha.second week,bru kazen2 and abg tiri aku pulang first cm besa jark but after a few days..were starting to have fun at kb playing with kids,ijat and hakimin.they're sooooooooo cute! getting closer with my stepsbrother.who knows this gnna  happen but i thanked god :)lalalaalalala~life gettin rock.i hang-out with my cuzzy.chillin at jambatan gantung.erh,and yes aku gayat.buying 20 sen but the test are great!third week,yeah..were getting busy..helping the bride putting on the was great smpay tgn aku punn comot oleh inai. following the bride ambik bju pengantin..hmm,interesting!at night we're spending time together playing cards and chillin.some are funny..okay,yg paling aku ndak lupa..naik jambatan gantung pg rumah seberang,ruma pengantin lelaki.thanked to nakila cause she's holdin my hand tightly.sudala aku gayat and yes,i think im the slower one.tpaksa pelan2 jalan cause of gayat.its funny actually.haha.snapshots everywhere:).but some creepy things happening to us and i think i dont need to tell it here..of course,bandar dgn kampung ndak sma..nasib ada abg tiri aku,he helped us to handle this.btw,i just miss those time.i miss my dear cousins and brothers,he just to caring to me sampay tdur dgn kami.haha.i mean we're to close not like before but we're happy with this.even my lil cousin says we're like couple.haha.
btw,i love you guys.

love,hafe :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

my beautifull crush:)

sun to glasses

the trio should wear this:)

i love this

here comes the RED.i want this so badly.

i think im addicted to sunglasses.they're super awesome esp in red.gahh!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

beware of you


“Beware of You” is a phrase that Hayley created which basically means that you are in control of your own destiny. Here are some explanations from Hayley herself:

“BOY means “Beware of You”… Be aware of your power. We have the choice to live positively or in our own destruction.” 





one of my favourite:)

shes totally gorgeous!
 27 december was her day:)