Sunday, October 31, 2010

sunday,well..its raining day.i went to kk with my sisters..i saw many animal print clothes in fav fr sure. .i want high hells,i want bags,i need new makeups=) tggu.palan2 aku beli.buying new clothes,its simple actually but its look fit and NICE on me=)..

Saturday, October 30, 2010

its sat, just staying at home..facebooking,blogging and calling with patrick fr hours.i dnt have any night,i do some revise on sejarah..i dont get ready fr ecxel yet.huumph.i'll try=)
gtg.sorry,just a short post.=)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

im totally mad with tasya.=(.cm kmy ne ndk bkin dya hepy jark.=(tian ask me to read her blog..dnt even know wht to say.ergh!wteverlaaa.mybe im the one who should be blame for...thn khal text me ths morning..ask the same thing.i told her,thn she said :
oh,spatutnya kw dgr ba crita dya.spya kta tau apa yg dya kyta smua bff.syg antra satu sma syg tasya kan?(of crse i LOVE her,we've been friends fr 4 years.)dya ceta sma kw sbb dya mw kw tw apa yg dya rsa slma ne.spaya kyta bole jdy cm dlu.dya cer sma ka jark kan?sbb dya hrp kn kw lbih drpd kkmi.sepa lgy slain drpd kmy?brpun dya rpt ma haz,kw juga dya cari tu.jn lh gduh2,nanty kyta p skull tnya dya pa mslh dya.

p/s : tasya spatutnyaa bgtaw aku awl2..npa mw pndam2?and yes,IM FEELING GUILTY.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


he's the hero of my family.although hes lazy but hes so damn cute while sleeping.i love to hugs him=)we call him mumuk(gemuk)comelllll=)awww..

Monday, October 25, 2010

 layout saya comel=)))

best thing bout today,aku ma khal bbaik sdh..and shes kinda funny..act like a child to me.haha..i cnt stop laughing when she said sorry to me.=)its okay..mdm chung was so damn funny..ahaha..we cnt stop laughing..nina and tian were ask to stand out of the class fr laughing loudly while we stdying math..tasya was absent..where the hell are you babe??imissyou.huumph.=(pgy skull aaa bsuwk.=)1 week left till excel..khal and me doesnt revise anything too lazy.blame excel..

Sunday, October 24, 2010

*listening to mike posner songs-please dont go and bow chika wow wow,nice=)

looking at your picture makes me miss you babe.huumph.=(

currently my favourite

lets started with usuall actuall,.facebooking and blooging thts all i do.thn my bro brought us the big apple..=)heee..nyamnyam..i ate 2 only,aqib ckp nanty gemuk..grrrr.heee.on the afternoon,my mom sets me a small birthday party with my sisters=) night,too full.alhamdulillah.=)

Saturday, October 23, 2010


tgk gmbr kmy.=)sweet kann..these are my sayangs..rnduuu dwrank.=)they're awesome.thanks god fr giving me a chance to met those peoples=)hoping fr an everlasting friends=)

Friday, October 22, 2010

23 oct.ober

its my birthday.=)and yes i'll try to reply all those wishes on fb.=)huumph..thrice wish from tasya,my tums.=)=)is she gnna wish fr my birthday?i dnt know..sudden,aku teringat..c haz tnya aku kmaryn,,.'kw mw kwn dgn dya lgy'...bgy aku,if dya mw kwn ngn akuu,okay..klw tidak pun okay.but i dnt think so.she said she hates me..she seems doesn't happy with her own life.y?dont you choose to have your own life without me.huumph,.but jenny bylank'lma2 okay jgk tuu'true2.=)enjoy ur life.

skinny williams


wendy liew..shes unforgettable..we're like twins.=)she's numb one.=)
tasya lova..shes louder,the one who calms me.shes always with me whenver i had probs=)tmpt bgete2.
bibiey..tmpt aku mnja2 ne.hahaa..=)..tmpt bgylaa...she'll text me almost everyday.
lyana...aww..shes my cutest.cntk dlm ma luar ne.=)
nina..ini plg cerewet,,tpy yg slalu buwt kmy ktwa. orank plg gyla pnh aku jmpa..nyway,she mkes me happy.sometimes,aku rndu dya klw dya absent.
jenny...dya pdgr yunk tsgt baik..klw aku ada mlsh msty curhat ma dya.=)beloved sister.

leesa..the one who lefted me and i dnt even know wht are the reasons for hating me..its okay,she entered my life befored and gives such a hapiness to us.rethink.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

1 day to go..=)its friday,wake up at 9 a.m as my alarm ring ngntuk,smlm buwt hmwrk agma smpy tgh mlm...patrick kc kwn aku textg=)straight infront the laptop,FACEBOOK.i think im addicted to!god,help me.=)1 week left till the excelhuumph..this past 2 weeks,syg2 sya suwma rajn study.aku??tukui,,budbudu d kna mara bru buwt..=(

thursday,going well fr me..i had fun with the girls esp tasya.=) sitting with jenny and the boys,..i laugh a lot with the boys..math?blajr smpy pulang..actuall,its suppose to be svk on the last 2 period.tpy ckgu ada hal...guess wht?,we've created a mask tht has a love on it and our/aqib name.nice kann?im gnna keep it for sure.=)

p/s:thanks god,fr making me happy.=)

quotes : i dont care if you hate me.i don't live to fucking please you-skinnywilliams.(true rite?,actuall i got tht on weelike)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

tears?? mybe..but i dont cre plus im happy without giving a chance to let you go and hve a better friends than me..

bibie text me last night.she seems sad.i'll try to make her happy bibi??nanty aku nyanyi utk kw.=)sayang bibie.muwah..=)jenny..thanks=)ily.

i fought with khal..=(smpy skrg blum pujuk dya lgy..but i think its better..she got her own life kann??she'll gnna b fine..ndkpa klw kw bncy aku..but i thanked you fr bring the happiness in my life even fr a while..dnt be too sensitive/ gnna appreaciatng you.=)be good to others.last,im not gnna hate you even'll find your "baby' someday.

thanks to my girls,and patrick..=)they're making my day perfectly.=)


Monday, October 18, 2010

lets start with yesterd.i went to kk.and i bought cute pncl box..aww..and some books and stationery.and yes i want cheetahs print on clothes so damn if its grey..OG!.i buy a red kebaya,i've to wear it on my cousin marriage ltr on cause im gnna be the pengapit..=).my mom says "kw bru branak ka"..jln pingka2.haha..blame jogathan.huumph.=(on the phone with aqib while crying and looking at the stars.=).i got him only..i nvr found a guy like you.he's meaningful.=)

its monday,cm besa assembly..hummph..and wht the good news,jamilah ndk bcramah ary ne.yihaa..tasya bought us a cute penanda buku..aww..=)stdying math and science,knpa mkin susah nee..haihh.=(im getting worried fr excel.+ got many hmwrk undone..


Saturday, October 16, 2010

jogathan...jogathan,huumph,,kaki akuu krem,sakyt.=(susa mw jln..eeee..
nyway,hws my layout.?=)and knpa ndk dpt tkr prfle blog nee..budubudubudu.=(


Thursday, October 14, 2010

tomorrow,i had so much fun with them esp tyme math..kmy perah otak gara2 ndk dpt chary jwapn  nsb ada c nina..haihh..laz nite kmy bconference tpy aku out awl2 cause dwrank tsgt bsg thn on the phone with khal..i told her bout aqib..ahah..aku tsgt malu bcall dgn aqib tpy last dpt jgk laa.khal motivate aku..haha..he's so damn blur and cool..erh.but nyway,he's sweet actuall,....on the phone with him before i sleep..=))

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

i cnt go fr stdy group,,its raining  + fever.=.=..i even dnt know my girls really miss me or not..cause i know without me they gnna b fine jgk..home plus skuwll,im getting bored of getting tired of life like this.friends?they're okay  but sometimes,i cn't go crazy with them like i used to.i even dnt know y,hummph,i spend time alot with aqib..=)he totally makes me smile every sec..if not aqib with my girls..but erh,dnt know la..=(feel like i wanna go far way with  from this and leave this sorrowrity.=(


Saturday, October 9, 2010

hye..yesterday,i went to stadium penampang following kak aloey,tena and kaka siti.actuall,they're unitar sudents..they gt sports..whos thm?they're my bro's fren..they used to chills in my houses fr hours.=))they're good to me..even my mum,lyn cm ank sndry sdh..hee..=)nice maa,cause i gt no sisters=)aftr hours in there,we felt sooo boring thn decided to home,thn they chills in my house,kaka aloey cook fr us=)yummy.thn tnguk tv at least,ndk jgk bowrink..holi was so damn bwrink.hummph,im just facebooking,uploading pictures(but no one liking it.****!),blogging,webcam,texting and so on,.bwrink hah?..=(and we've decided to make a study group,well..we've tp prepare fr excel.,im getting nervous.=)
skinny williams?haha.i just created since i adore hayleyw.a lot..futhermore,they call me skinny.haha.=)
let me tell smethg,ths few days,i've fall in love with bruno mars..he's so damn hawwt,he knows women hearts..his voice was smooth..ily!=)keep making new songs kay??

peeass ; i choose BRUNO MARS thn bieber.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

hye there=) making new blog..and i wont use my older blog cause theres a problem with it.=)
do follow me kay.=)=)