Wednesday, November 17, 2010

heythere=D. im doing good here,spending time at home listening to music,snapshots,calling,texting,facebooking and blogging.well,its my routine..its holly,soon i'll goin to you guys know,i'll be the pengapit fr my cousins wedding.xcited enough here..wht else aaa,oo yeah,as you see.its khal and me..haha.arent we sweet?but this lately,jarank suda betext.mybe she's bz with dwrank kimmy,fara and tian.its okay,im just texting with tasya n bibie n ofcrse aqib..dwrank la rajin text akuu.thanks loves=)i got my result,num four?erh,means nothing to me actually..nyway,its the end of the year..2011 is coming..and we'll struggle fr pmr..nerv!okayy.back to facebook..hee.they ask me to create a twitter acc..i dont think soo..mlas ne,nanty ndk terupdate blog akuu.haha.

p/s : i sayangs u semuaaaa.happy holly.jn lupa akuu aa.=)

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