Monday, November 22, 2010


as you see the title,and yes,he's my hero.the sweetest thing in my life is,can you see this? in love with you.did you remember 17 july 2010?the day you accept my request..from wall post to chatting,from chatting to a SWEETEST relationship.(you grab me faster bebeyh.!)than a hundred texts,calling for hours to are the one who makes me laugh,when you know im about to cry..four month  7 days,we're still new kann..but its take a minutes for me into your you remember,when you said."sweetie,baby happy"..."aaaa?knpa?,memangla ba happy"....'pasal baby ndak prnh happy bgny until i met you"..* made me special.the sweetest thing is,you keep telling me that you love me.:)i get to know you,you wont eat sayur,bawang,ketam,udang(except sweet and sour prawn),belacan pun ndk mkn.and i was like."apaaaaa?punyalaaaaaa"hahaah...memilih kann?i know your favourite food,burger mcD.

 p/s :btw,this is the part one i think.

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