Tuesday, November 23, 2010

here we are=)

i know you like reading my blog..kan3?okay,update la ne.

do you remember,when we on the played a guitar..and i keep asking for you to play the guitar even lagu sma sjaa said you loved to see me smile with my teeth on.showmell.=3and yes,dont you see this im serious into this.i call you patrick pasal kaw budu2 mcm c patrick kann,do you y know?cause everytime we OTP,i keep laughing kann.lucuu ba kaw.hahaha.even my friends ndak ksah about us,and they even dnt know
we're sweet like what?they have they own life.dwrank ckp patrick jark kaw.berlaaa,i just wanna tell them im too happy with you.thats all.(:i told you rain was hots,ada sixpack.kaw punn ndkmw kalaaa.=p and this is terbalik suda..spatutnyaaa im the one who suppose to wake you up,tpy ini kaw yg kc bgn every morning.and yes,theres one thing yg jarang aku jmpa dgn lelaki2 lain.kaw jarang mara aku.ada punn satu khaly sja.haha.isnt this weird.but good then.(:

p/s:part two.ngehh!

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