Saturday, December 25, 2010


yeah.i just got back from buying the school stuffs.pusing kk seja.penat aku,haha!tapi best ba.first,pg alamesra,eat at the sinario restaurent and i order the chicken mayo and mango juice.sgt sedap okay.then pg jakel beli tudung sales maa.but it tooks a long time cause my dad punn beli the italian silk clothes.haihh.bangas aku menunggu.then he send us to cp,buying shoes,reload,makeups,went to kaison search patung yg sma mcm dwrang bibie bagi tapi tedaa.hmmph.i miss my lost fufu :( and school plain bag in brown.and i love it!i use my own money okay:)on my way,i bought the sunglass.even its not ori.haha!tapi aku suka baa,mau buat cmna jgk,aku grab seja.haha.and then,my mom and i went to pizzahut since we're soo thirsty.heee.we order the new cheese pizza but unfortanetly,ndak sedap nee.haihh.bgus lagi hawaiian tuna.went to millimewa buying books and stationery since the book store which i used to go were closed cause of christmas eve.lpas tu,pulangg..oh yea,beli sayap ayam lagi.haha.for the conclusion,aku sangat2 penat.:)

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