Sunday, December 19, 2010

20 december 2010:)
yeah,i know i should sleep right now.blame nescafe:).if aqib tau matila kna mara cause he said if gt anythg just text him mw kcw dya sure this morning ngantuk gila and gt lots of text from aqib.and yes,bgn tgahari lagy.haha.i think this is my routein.what?i guess,every teenagers punn ba.i just watching the ragging phoenix on ABO.kinda love action movies now.weee!apa mw buwat lagy ne?hmm..facebook?boring!thanks blog for being here with me:)oh yeah,school's stuff?blumm beli we plan,plain bag fr all of us,itupunn klw kmu dpt cari.idk la!kin bngung jark.holly mw abs suda.BORING!fr sure next year study mcm org gla..less text with aqib la ne.mentang2 bpa kau lecturer,tegas btul ba.but its okay,we'll have the same situation.haha.btw,i miss my stepsbrother.hmmph.he didnt text me plus he'll goin to U later.cant met him fr 1 years.haihh,.i miss our moments:)but dnt wrry,kakak ika will jga you.haha.i wanna shop so badly.oh santa,all i wanted is vans and hoodies:)

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