Monday, October 18, 2010

lets start with yesterd.i went to kk.and i bought cute pncl box..aww..and some books and stationery.and yes i want cheetahs print on clothes so damn if its grey..OG!.i buy a red kebaya,i've to wear it on my cousin marriage ltr on cause im gnna be the pengapit..=).my mom says "kw bru branak ka"..jln pingka2.haha..blame jogathan.huumph.=(on the phone with aqib while crying and looking at the stars.=).i got him only..i nvr found a guy like you.he's meaningful.=)

its monday,cm besa assembly..hummph..and wht the good news,jamilah ndk bcramah ary ne.yihaa..tasya bought us a cute penanda buku..aww..=)stdying math and science,knpa mkin susah nee..haihh.=(im getting worried fr excel.+ got many hmwrk undone..


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