Saturday, October 9, 2010

hye..yesterday,i went to stadium penampang following kak aloey,tena and kaka siti.actuall,they're unitar sudents..they gt sports..whos thm?they're my bro's fren..they used to chills in my houses fr hours.=))they're good to me..even my mum,lyn cm ank sndry sdh..hee..=)nice maa,cause i gt no sisters=)aftr hours in there,we felt sooo boring thn decided to home,thn they chills in my house,kaka aloey cook fr us=)yummy.thn tnguk tv at least,ndk jgk bowrink..holi was so damn bwrink.hummph,im just facebooking,uploading pictures(but no one liking it.****!),blogging,webcam,texting and so on,.bwrink hah?..=(and we've decided to make a study group,well..we've tp prepare fr excel.,im getting nervous.=)
skinny williams?haha.i just created since i adore hayleyw.a lot..futhermore,they call me skinny.haha.=)
let me tell smethg,ths few days,i've fall in love with bruno mars..he's so damn hawwt,he knows women hearts..his voice was smooth..ily!=)keep making new songs kay??

peeass ; i choose BRUNO MARS thn bieber.

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